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In Neuchâtel of Switzerland he publicly rebuked a noble woman who had left her husband.

When she refused to return to him, Farel roared against her and her supporters from the pulpit and created such a riot that he was only saved by a vote of the council, which was moved by his vast energy.

The Inquisition eliminated the Waldensians in that region, and the vacuum allowed room for Reformation doctrine to grow.

He was born five years after Luther and Zwingli, but greatly considered their work in the development of his faith.

Into the darkness of popery Farel would burst, roaring like a bull, flinging about without regard for personal safety the great truths of Scripture which he had learned to love.

Again, farewell with the brethren.” What would Calvin had been without Geneva? Desiring God (a source which is commendable, but that we urge you read with discernment), writes… He longed to hide away in Strasbourg and write books that would help the Reformation across Europe.

While celebrating the Lord’s Supper on Easter, he and those with him were attacked by an armed band. Farel himself, though wounded, found refuge in a castle and escaped the city by leaving in disguise.

At 72 years old, still preaching, he was thrown into prison, rescued by friends, and, like Paul, saved in a basket let down from the walls.

Fare was ridiculed, beaten, shot at and abused, but he never gave up. In the summer of 1535, Farel seized the church of La Madeleine and the Cathedral of St. Farel [preached a sermon against idolatry] and in response, there was a wave of destroying superstitious religious images, statues and idols throughout Geneva.

Altars were demolished, the mass was abolished, and images were removed from churches. Not only was Farel fearless, but he refused to be swayed by the approval of men.

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